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Promotional E-blast

$500 per E-blast

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with a dedicated HR audience in the Austin area.

Austin SHRM will send your advertising/marketing message to a distribution list of 3,400+ addresses! E-blasts are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to space availability. Austin SHRM will make every effort to send your message on the Tuesday of the week you have selected, based on availability.

E-blast requests should be submitted two weeks prior to the requested distribution date. Scheduling is limited to only one sponsor paid e-blast per week.

Invoice for payment will be sent within 2 business days upon review & approval.  Payment must be made prior to the scheduled date of distribution.

Please be aware that Austin SHRM reserves the right to decline an e-blast request for the following reasons:

  • the content of the submission competes with an Austin SHRM course/event
  • the event date conflicts with an Austin SHRM course/ event

A test copy of your e-blast will be shared for approval prior to distribution.  Your e-blast copy will be sent as presented. Austin SHRM does not offer any design or editing.

Secure your E-blast HERE

Advertising Opportunity Guidelines:

The following recommendations are shared to optimize this promotional opportunity. These guidelines serve to aid in your content creation in hopes of maximizing the visual appeal and effectiveness of your advertisement.

Image Dimensions: Images should be 600 pixels in width (maximum) and 400 pixels (preferred) in length. Adhering to these dimensions will guarantee the proper display of your visuals within our advertising space.

Content Composition: Eblasts can feature a variety of content elements, including graphics, images, typeset, hyperlinks, and more.  Austin SHRM does not offer design services.

Font Size Consideration: To enhance readability and visibility, we strongly recommend using larger fonts within your graphics. Clear and legible text is crucial for conveying your message effectively. Additionally, when using light grey text, exercise caution when placing it on white backgrounds, as this combination may compromise visibility.

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