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Transforming Performance Evaluations: AI-Powered Strategies for HR Success

  • Wed, July 17, 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom


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As the Account Executive at Express Evaluations, Hannah Michelle will guide HR professionals through a transformative presentation on modernizing performance evaluations. This session addresses the challenges surrounding evaluations, exploring why they're often disliked and presenting solutions to rectify common pitfalls. Hannah will delve into leveraging AI, specifically ChatGPT, to streamline and enhance the evaluation process. Attendees will discover how AI can ease the creation of comprehensive evaluation templates and make evaluations more effective without the usual hassles. The focus will revolve around fostering a positive shift in evaluations, promoting continuous feedback, and avoiding the shortcomings of traditional methods. Join Hannah to explore progressive strategies aimed at making evaluations more constructive, insightful, and aligned with organizational growth.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore strategies to modernize performance evaluations, understanding why they are often disliked and ways to mitigate common pitfalls.
  • Implement AI-driven approaches, particularly ChatGPT, to streamline and enhance the creation of comprehensive performance evaluation templates.
  • Learn to guide managers and employees in effectively utilizing ChatGPT as a resource to articulate responses to evaluation questions more effectively, fostering clearer and more impactful communication in the evaluation process.
  • Demonstrate how AI can be a catalyst for creating more effective evaluations while ensuring they align with organizational objectives and employee development.


Hannah Michelle
Express Evaluations

Hannah Michelle, an accomplished professional in the HR tech space, has over three years of dedicated expertise. She's traversed the United States, actively engaging in numerous HR conferences where she speaks extensively on performance management processes. With a passion for transforming performance evaluations, Hannah's insights and presentations have saved countless HR professionals from the challenges of the dreaded performance evaluation. As an Account Executive at Express Evaluations, Hannah is committed to revolutionizing performance evaluations, changing the stigma surrounding them, and working to guide organizations toward streamlined and effective HR solutions, ensuring a seamless transition into the new era of performance management.

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